The in-store assistant.

Touchtech makes assisting shoppers easy – catching every sales opportunity.

Assisting salespeople on the shop floor.

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Hi, how can I help you?

Touchtech assists salespeople in meeting shoppers’ needs in various situations.

Boost in-store profitability.

Let us help you drive revenue in a smarter way – while cutting your costs.

Capture every opportunity

Never say no to a customer.

Reduce in-store inventory

Move the stock from the stores to warehouses.

Maximize staff efficiency

Keep them where the money is – on the floor.

Sell more on full price

Less in-store inventory equals fewer discounts.

Reduce shop floor size

A showroom experience needs fewer sq meters.

Improve brand perception

A great showroom experience drives sales.

The Axel Arigato success story.

"Using Touchtech in our stores helps us interweave the digital and physical brand experience. We do something unexpected in an innovative way – that increases sales."

Albin Johansson

CEO & co-founder, Axel Arigato

Albin Johansson

Our tools for retail.

Our revolutionary software platform comes packed with fun and easy-to-use sales tools - from 59 EUR/month.

Customizable menus

Promote relevant categories and campaigns based on where the touch screens are located.

Digital Signage

Communicate inspiring branding and activations even when touch screens aren’t interacted with.


Designed to seamlessly melt into the store concept while offering an easy-to-use user interface.

Customizable checkout

Flexible configuation options for each store, i.e. finalizing payments (POS/e-Com), home delivery or store pickup.


Make better buying decisions with insightful product interaction, sales statistics and user behaviour data.

Administration portal

Configure settings for each individual device and easily monitor their status for quick and pro-active support.

Staff portal

Engage store staff by sharing in-store analytics data and initiate sales competitions to drive sales and more.

Multi-language support

English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Turkish, Norwegian and many more languges are supported.

Multi-currency support

Let shoppers choose where products are delivered. The currency is automatically selected based on country.

Integration API

Easy-to-use APIs if you want to create a custom intregration to ensure products, stock and branding content is in sync.

Search and scan bar codes

Scanning bar codes allows quick access to more product information like stock levels and available colors.

Show stock levels

Convenient access to eCom and store stock levels for salespeople and shoppers.

Embed web links

Allow easy access to membership signup forms, upcoming drops and any other relevant information.

Price lists and stock locations

Advanced functionality to set prices for individual stores/regions and supporting multiple warehouse stock locations.

Offline browsing

Downloading all product images and videos in the highest possible resolution guarantees super-fast browsing.

Branding and customization

Possibility to customize fonts and colors to ensure that the appearance matches your brand guidelines.

Easy to get started.

We will setup your account with your product and marketing content so you can start selling easier in-store.


Let's win together.

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